Planning and Building A Treated Pine Deck

Planning and building a deck is a big job. It can also be relatively expensive, and therefore you want to be sure that you get it right to avoid the need to make changes later on. Here are some of the most important things to consider before you get started.

What Is Your Budget?

Your first and foremost consideration should be how much you can afford. This will help you to make important decisions when you are creating your design. Budget constructions are particularly important when it comes to the following factors:

* The size of the deck

* The type of timber, nails and screws you want to use

* Additional features (ornate details, raised flowerbeds, integrated seating, etc.)

If you know that your budget is likely to place constraints on what you can do, decide what the most important aspects are for you. For example, if you want to use top quality lumber then you might be willing to build a smaller deck. Or if you need a big outdoor space for the entertaining family then you may be willing to forgo built-in seating.

Where Should You Build The Deck?

How you want to use the deck will partly dictate where you build it. For instance, you may be building it as a pool surround, or you may want it to be close to the house so that you can use it as a dining space.

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However, the purpose of the deck might not be the only consideration when it comes to deciding where to build it.

Assuming your outdoor space is sufficiently large to give you several location options, you need to think about:

* Whether the deck will be in sun or shade during peak use periods

* How much shelter is provided from the wind. Did you want to enclose the deck for entertaining purposes? If so, outdoor blinds are a great idea.

* If the location provides privacy

* If there is a particular view you want to make the most of

Making the right choice about the location will mean that you are more likely to get the maximum use out of your deck. It will also add value to your home, as a well-placed deck is desirable to house buyers.

Your Level Of DIY Expertise

Most people, even those with limited DIY skills, will be capable of installing a deck themselves. However, there is a great deal of difference between a basic deck on stable ground and a large deck with added features built on the shaky soil. If you have ambitious plans for your deck, you do not necessarily have to call in a professional. However, you should spend time researching areas where your skills may be lacking and might even want to consider taking a local class.

What Materials To Use

Once you have thought about your design, it is time to choose your materials. Weather resistant woods such as cedar and cypress are very popular, as is treated pine decking. Although less common, you may also want to look at plastic and aluminum. These are often designed to look like wood and can be very realistic.

Although designing and installing a deck is a big commitment, it can also be an enjoyable task. The most important thing is to take your time and do the right research.